Snowbaar Snaker WORLD CUP snowscoot of Snowbaar

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WORLD CUP Snaker of Snowbaar is designed for thé real fanatics who wants to go on with the race track material. This model really has everything you want in a snowscoot. Nice touch is that you can choose your own color combination!

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Snowbaar Snaker WORLD CUP

WORLD CUP series of Snowbaar has been developed for the snowscoot fanatic who wants to go off piste with professional (race) material. This model is the flagship snowscoot of brand Snowbaar. The Snaker focuses on freeride, meaning on the slopes, speed and carving. The Beaster is designed for fun parks, tricks and jumps.

The sturdy frame as well as the RACE series is made from 28mm thin steel ensures a strong and indestructible frame. Combined with the extra hand-shaped middle 'tube' you really can g all fields with this model. In addition, the front fork points are also connected to each other for additional stability.

Another innovation on the WORLD CUP series is the carving kit rubbers with a strength of 70 ShA. These allow you to carve smoother cornering and more inclined to the snowscoot. On the platform 28 pins designed for extra grip, printout sandbar of 0-12mm.

The foot of the stairs WORLD CUP series is made stronger through additional PVC material. This also ensures that the design always returns to its original shape. 

Both models can be finished in a color of your choice and it is possible to choose from a range of colors that can be found on our website!

Improvements in comparison with the RacePRO and Classic lines:

  1. 28mm thin steel that makes the snowscoot extra strong.
  2. Additional tubes in the frame that makes it more stronger.
  3. The robust frame is to use the snowscoot to 150kg body weight.
  4. The frame height is reduced by 60mm in order to handle this better at high speed and in the park.
  5. The handlebar is 8cm higher and broadening for better control.
  6. The handles on the handlebar feature Dual Grips which improves grip.
  7. Custom geometry improves steerability.
  8. 28 Pins that provide extra grip under your shoes to adapt from 0-12mm
  9. Larger rubber pads that promote Carven.
  10. Free to choose color combinations!

Snowbaar Snaker WORLD CUP Features:

  • Freerider model (race and speed focused)
  • Frame:  Steel 28mm
  • Frontfork: Steel 28mm
  • Length: 1590mm 
  • Height: 900mm
  • Boards:  Cap construction - wood core base
    • Board Front - Hard Flex
    • Board Rear - Medium Flex
  • Weight: 10,9 kg

Snowbaar Snowscoots Compared

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Boards: CAP Construction with Medium/Soft Flex boards (Dual Hardness)
Weight: 10,9kg
Safety Leash: Standard Excluded safety leash
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