Snowbaar Snaker PRO

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The Snowscoot of snowbaar is a snowscoot with a good price - quality ratio. This snow scoot is focused on carving and speed but with extra thick steel for strongness.

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Snowbaar Snaker PRO

The PRO-Serie is meant for those riders who have experience with snowscooting. The snowscoot is of high quality with thin-walled steel with a diameter of 24 mm, provides for unprecedented power in critical areas.

The geometry is based on a media platform for even more control when deploying curves. The head angle is slightly lower and therefore you can carve even better through the corners with the Snaker PRO, making itself at high speeds to handle the snowscoot even better. The total length is 1640 mm ensures an ideal track and long grip. Also on icy pieces in the morning and steep slopes will have an advantage compared to the regular Snaker. The hardness of the frame you feel every movement.

The PRO series continues with new skis. The rear ski has a dual hardness. The softer part allows for faster control and the front part hardener keeps scoot on the track and driving direction.

The classic Snow Baar snowscoot series is the cheapest snowscoot on the European market. The snowscoot is made in the Czech Republic and is suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. This model is designed for freeride snowmobile. This means that the frame is made longer for more stability at high speeds. In contrast to the Snow Baar Freestyle model, this version is directed to carving and speed.

The snowscoot snow bar Snaker has standard medium flex boards with a CAP structure. caught between the frame and the boards rubber pads that captures the power of jumps and tricks. The rubber pads are a lot smaller than the Jykk series but sturdy enough for this frame-board combination.

SnowBaar Snaker PRO features:

  • Freerider model (race and speed orientated)
  • Frame:  Steel 24mm
  • Frontfork: Steel 20mm
  • Length: 1590mm (Short for stability during tricks and jumps)
  • Hoogte: 890mm
  • Boards:  Cap construction - wood core base
    • Board front - Hard Flex
    • Board back - Medium Flex
  • Weight: 11,3 kg
The snowscoot is delivered exclusively safety leash. It is possible to order these with the costs are € 40, -.

Snowbaar Snowscoots Compared

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Weight: 11,6 kg
Boards: Medium Flex - CAP Construction
Safety Leash: Standard Excluded safety leash

Tanguy Posted on 23 November 2018 at 16:55

J'ai reçu très rapidement le snowscoot en bon état, mais sans code track & trace, ce qui ma fais douter sur la sureté du site mais je suis finalement très content de l'équipe wintersport4all.

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