Snowbaar Beaster PRO

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Snowscoot Snowbaar Beaster PRO is the upgraded version of the classic regular line. Boards has dual hardness and the frame is lighter which makes this snowscoot very good for tricks and jumps.

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Snowbaar Beaster PRO

Snowbaar's Beaster PRO Snowscoot is the upgraded version of the classic regular line. Besides the frame also the boards are upgraded to a dual hardness composition.

The frame is 24mm thick and made of thin-walled steel, which makes it a bit lighter.
In addition, the fork has a larger angle which makes the space between you and the handlebar wider. This makes the SnowBaar Beaster PRO even more suited to the fun park, you have more space for the handlebar to turn while performing tricks.

The rear board has a soft composition and the front a hard composition. This ensures that you can distribute power in an even better way towards the boards. So the snowscoot has assembled boards and have a CAP structure. Between the frame and the boards rubber pads that captures the power of jumps and tricks. The rubber pads are a lot smaller than the Jykk series but sturdy enough for this frame-board combination.

The snowscoot is made in the Czech Republic and is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. This model has been developed for the fun park and focused on freestyle. The fork and headset stand up straighter than with the SnowBaar Snaker (PRO) variant.

SnowBaar Beaster PRO Features:

  • Freestyle model
  • Frame:  Steel 24mm
  • Voorvork: Steel 24mm
  • Lengte: 1590mm
  • Hoogte: 890mm
  • Boards:  Cap constructie - woodcore center - Soft/Hard (Dual Hardness)
  • Flex: Medium/Soft
  • Gewicht: 11,3 kg

The snowscoot comes without safety leash. It is possible to order it, the costs are €30,-.

Snowbaar Snowscoots Compared

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Weight: 11,3kg
Safety Leash: Standard Excluded safety leash
Boards: Medium/Soft Flex - CAP Construction

Greg Posted on 25 October 2018 at 00:09

Reçu dans les temps, très beau snowscoot, équipe performante, je suis très satisfait
Bonne continuation a l'équipe de w4anl

Received in time, very nice snowscoot, powerful team, I am very satisfied
Good luck to the w4anl team

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