Monoski & Skwal

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The Snowgunz Flake Shot monoski series is geared to 70% freeride use and 30% on-piste. In short, with this model you have the perfect model for off-piste rides!
Snowgunz's Alpine Rocket Monoski Series is geared to 70% piste use, 30% off-piste use by powders and outside piste areas.
Mono Skiing is back. The Snowgunz Monoski's Easy Start series are aimed at beginners and experienced mono skiers. Monoski is a good alternative for winter athletes using nowadays a skwal or telemarks.


The monoski is backed away by, among other things, the introduction of Snowgunz monoski's and those of Duret skis. The monoski was trendy in the 80's / 90s but lost its populism by the emergence of snowboarding and new ways of skiing such as freeride skis and twintips. Due to the re-introduction of Snowgunz, the monoski has been redeveloped and meets the latest techniques to be trendy on the slopes!
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