Sledgehammer Skibike/Snowbike Sledgehammer Fusion 2.0

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The Skibike, an alternative to skiing and snowboarding. Or for those who cannot ski yet but want to enjoy winter sports! Other words for Skibike are snowbike, skibob and skibike.

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Skibike/Snowbike Sledgehammer Fusion 2.0

The Skibike Fusion 2.0 is the combination of everything we have learned. It combines the previous models Fusion, Trixy and 5.3 in one ski bike.

It is similar to the 2022 'Trixy' ski bike, but is slightly stretched. And of course it has a saddle that allows you to adapt your position to the riding situation while riding, both sitting and standing, and always maintain contact with the ski bike. The saddle is a bit longer than the trixy variant and can therefore be somewhat comfortable

The skis have become significantly stiffer and the ski holder has been completely revised. But we couldn't really change much, because the previous model was already a brilliant ski bike. This model also has large, forged cross footrests, which provide a lot of safety.

This time we chose the DNM Burner RCP 2 shock absorber. This serves well and is very robust. If you want to tune your chassis, you can do this yourself with almost all commercially available high-end mountain bike shock absorbers and forks. It was important to us to be able to offer well-functioning fun sports equipment in terms of basic equipment at the lowest possible price.

With the Fusion 2.0 you can ski down difficult and steep slopes without any problems with short turns - the controlled swerve from the rear - and you are very agile when the forest gets tight.
It is specially designed for carving on hard slopes and at high speeds. The extra guidance of the long saddle gives you more control when braking and during steep descents on hard slopes.

The MX-style footpegs fold back when you lean heavily and the new, much wider ski adapters let you apply more pressure to the edge.
This ski bike gives more than ever the safe feeling of being 'in the frame'. It is suitable for a height of 165 to 195 cm.

Why the Fusion 2.0?:

  • By adjusting this geometry, lowering the position of the footrests, The Skibike can also be used for " Stand-up riding ".
  • Stand-up riding provides more comfort but also a more direct ability to carve, steer and maintain grip on all snow/piste conditions.
  • The highly appreciated click system for the skis has been made simpler.
  • Due to an adjusted geometry, the handlebars are further away from you, which ensures more weight distribution over the ski bike, but also simplifies making 360's with the handlebars.
  • The 5.3 model also contains a heavier spring which provides even closer precision adjustment and can absorb even heavier impacts during rough rides.
  • The rear damper can now be moved to 9 positions for the ideal adjustment.
  • New folding footrests have been added.

Both an alternative and a new challenge for winter sports

Because this model is made so comfortable, it is also the perfect model for winter sports enthusiasts who no longer have good mobility, have an injury, suffer from joints and knees during winter sports, the elderly, novice winter sports enthusiasts and so on. Two pedals can be mounted on the side, so you don't need foot skis. If you want this, you can order these foot skis separately.

We recommend using foot skis for quiet and conservative winter sports. For the adventurer we recommend not to use foot skies, test the model through jumps, tricks and sharp carving turns.

Technical specification of the Fusion 2.0:

  • 6060 T6 alloy frame available in one size only
  • Motocross foot rests forged of 7005 Aluminum
  • Short Sledgehammer stem with 50 mm
  • All bearings are water-tight roller bearings
  • Twin Tip Flat Rocker wood core Ski with 160mm width and 990mm length
  • Rear shock DNM Burner RCP 2 adj. rebound and compression
  • 135-182mm travel at the rear (depending on mounting points)
  • 160mm air suspension fork with adjustable rebound
  • Rise handle bar 100 mm width 780 mm
  • Foot rest height 233mm
  • Mx-style seat bench at 774mm height
  • Total height 1060 - 1100 (depending on spacer used under stem)
  • Total length 2017mm (1200 without skis)


Color: Black with blue
Weight: 8,3kg
Dimensions: Seat height 72 cm - Single ski: 99 cm

Sara witta Posted on 2 January 2018 at 18:16

Excellent! Nick is great- product is terrific! Thank you!

Luuk Posted on 8 December 2017 at 08:21

In verband met een knie blessure heb ik drie jaar terug in deze shop een Skibike gekocht. Dit jaar het nieuwe model aangeschaft, de 5.2, en die ziet er echt super gaaf uit. Mooie brede ski's en de pedalen zitten laag wat het ook gevoelsmatiger relaxter maakt, je ben met je benen dichter bij de grond.

Greg Posted on 7 December 2017 at 20:07

Ski bike 5.1 is great, good quality materials, the only sadness is a little snow in Norway ;-)

Roger J. Posted on 30 November 2017 at 20:47

The product arrived at my place just by Yesterday. Installed it pretty quick and looks very nice! Thanks again for the good service Winter sport 4 ALL

van Dijk Posted on 18 November 2017 at 20:33

De fiets ziet er geweldig uit. Ben minder valide en dit biedt een goede oplossing om toch de piste af te gaan. Door een proefles van Nick kon ik goed ervaren hoe het gaat voordat ik de snowbike had gekocht. De levering ging zeer snel. Meteen de fiets in elkaar gezet. Door directe hulp van Nick was het zo klaar. Super klantenservice en kan niet wachten tot de wintersport begint.

Erwin Posted on 8 October 2017 at 17:49

Super service. Heel goed geholpen. Kwamen er niet uit met inelkaar zetten. Via ep en bellen er goed mee geholpen. Zeker aan te raden !

Tim Posted on 3 October 2017 at 15:13

Snel geleverd, geen gedoe, top!!

Jaap J Posted on 20 September 2017 at 21:31

De freerider skibike is echt fantastisch. Ik had voorheen een skibob model van een ander merk maar dit model is echt fantastisch. Eenvoudig in gebruik en het is niet nodig om skietjes aan je voeten te hebben, helemaal top!

Harry van de Pol Posted on 4 September 2017 at 16:08

In februari 2017 heb ik van wintersport4all een Sledgehammer gekocht. Door een kleine verlamming aan mijn linkerbeen kan ik niet skiën, maar dank zij de Slegdehammer kon ik voor het eerst van mijn leven met mijn kids de piste af. Een onbetaalbaar moment. Met de Slegdehammer van een blauwe piste is een makkie: een intuitieve bezigheid voor wie in zijn leven wel eens op een BMX heeft gezeten. En voor wie dat niet heeft gedaan: die begint iets voorzichtiger en leert het in een paar uurtjes. Wat mij hielp was een proefles in een hal in Nederland van Nick van Wintersport4all en 2 uur priveles van een Lehrer in Oostenrijk. Zonder kan ook.

Klantenservice van Nick, voor tijdens en na de koop was excellent. Een gratis proefles in een hal (kijken of het bevalt), een goed verkoopadvies (kopen of huren) en goede aftersales (een ontbrekend onderdeel was direct vervangen). Wie helemaal niet houdt van een schroevendraaier vasthouden moet even nadenken of hij zijn Sledgehammer-bouwpakket zelf in elkaar wil zetten. Het was een hoop gepiel met een draak van een handleiding uit Oostenrijk en een hotline met Nick. Dat laatste is eigenlijk mijn enige verbeterpunt. Verder zeer aan te bevelen.

Ik verheug me al weer op het komende seizoen.

Bram Posted on 22 January 2017 at 21:57

In Sölden het nieuwe model getest. In één woord: WAUW. Het model is super gaaf om de piste mee af te gaan en wat ook verbeterd is bij de SH5 serie is de afneembare ski's.

Dhr. Hamer Posted on 13 December 2016 at 17:51

In contact gekomen met wintersport4ALL omdat ik opzoek was naar een alternatief voor de wintersport. ik ben erg goed geholpen met deskundig advies. voor mij 5 sterren!

M van Dijk Posted on 29 March 2016 at 19:37

Ben al drie jaar bekend met het huren van een snowbike op wintersport.
had de eerste twee jaar de variant van Brenter (gehuurd in Tirol), maar nadat ik de snowbike van Wintersport4all had geprobeerd was ik verkocht.
Wat een geweldige belevenis op de piste, Mooi en bruut design,vering werkt perfect (goed voor mooie big air jumps) en een hele hoop schik.
echt de mercedessen onder de snowbikes.
Geweldige service van wintersport4all,
Ik zeg volgend jaar weer.

Mark Posted on 26 February 2016 at 19:19

Lange tijd op zoek geweest naar iets dat een goed alternatief was op het skiën.
Ik heb mijn kruisbanden in mijn knie (af)gescheurd en al enkele jaren niet meer kunnen skiën.
Nu kwam ik de skibikes tegen en heb dit geprobeerd, echt een super goed alternatief, zeker aan te raden!!

Ook het contact met wintersport4all ging top, op maandag avond mijn skibike besteld en op woensdag binnen.

Andreas R. Posted on 25 January 2016 at 11:35


After searching a few days for available / on stock Sledgehammer Skibike #5 models I found the wintersport4all site.
The product / shop site told me that there are SH#5 on stock what did really suprise me. As I was not that sure if this was "real" I tried the whatsapp contact number on sunday evening to get more information about the physical stock. A few minutes later I got a friendly answer via whatsapp followed by a very friendly and helpful conversation regarding the product and shipment / payment methods etc.

Although I was not sure about the reliability of buying a skibike (which should be solt out actually) for several hundreds of euros in a internet shop outside of germany, I simply tried and I did'net get disapointed.

After buying (and paying) the product in the online shop from wintersport4ll on Sunday night, the shipment started on the following tuesday and arrived in Munich on thursday. During the shipment phase, I got in contact with wintersport4all via whatsapp several times. Every question of mine had been answered promptly and for my complete satisfaction. Currently we are still in contact and I'm happy about that, all my (perhaps stupid) questions could be clarified via short whatsapp conversation which is in my opinion a massiv additional benefit of this shop !!!

Product review:

After getting ma SH#5 on thursday I started the assembly on the same day. Assembly tooks around an hour and was pretty simple based on the assembly guideline delivered. All necessary tools for assembly where contained in the delivery ! The only thing that should be observed is which shock absorber will be installed in the front (450 lbs) and which in the rear end (750 lbs) of the bike. Otherwise you do it like me arse about face and the driving experience is a bit "strange" then :( I looked into the assembly guideline again and noticed that it is displaeyed correctly in there (in 2 pictures).
The quality of the frame, ski and other parts is pretty good and everything fits together quite simple / good. Furthermore the bike looks pretty awesome, even more then the pictures promise.

I could test the bike on saturday in a small ski region in the bavarian alps. Using the bike for lifting (seat and cabine lifts) is more than simple. The riding experience is a complete new thing, especially to brake fast and short takes a bit of practice. After the first hour I was able to come down the hill without crashing ;)

What should be mentioned also ?

If you buy a skibike you should be aware to take center stage on the ski track ;) I don't know how often i was asked by several ski drivers / boarders what this thing is, if it's hard to ride, where to get such a thing, how much it costs and so on. You will earn interested looks by others nearly all the time and you will also recognize discussions from guys behind or in front of you regarding this nice looking skibike, also many smaller kids where asking her parents to get a "Schneefahrrad" also ;)


Nice product, awesome service from wintersport4all, pretty funny experience on track. I can definitely recommend the product and even more the wintersport4all shop in any way !

Thanks 4 all and kind regards.

PS: I'll come back next winter to get a 2nd skibike / -bob for my wife also ;)

J. Straten Posted on 9 January 2016 at 20:45

Ik heb een goede service gehad van WIntersport4all en ga veel plezier beleven van de skibike!

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