Sledgehammer Skibike/Snowbike Sledgehammer Trixy 2.0

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The Skibike, an alternative to skiing and snowboarding. Or for those who cannot ski yet but want to enjoy winter sports! Other words for Skibike are snowbike, skibob and skibike.

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Skibike/Snowbike Sledgehammer Trixy 2.0

The Skibike Trixy 2.0 is the combination of everything Sledgehammer has learned over the years.

It combines the know-how of the previous models Fusion, Trixy and 5.3 in one ski bike.

Optically it is comparable to the Skibike Trixy 1.0 from 2022, but a bit stretched. The skis have also been made considerably harder and the ski adapter has been completely revised.

But we couldn't really change much, because the previous model was already a brilliant ski bike.

This model also has large, forged cross footrests that provide a lot of safety.

This time we chose the DNM Burner RCP 2 shock absorber. This serves well and is very robust. If you want to tune your chassis, you can do this yourself with almost all commercially available high-end mountain bike shock absorbers and forks. It was important to us to be able to offer well-functioning fun sports equipment in terms of basic equipment at the lowest possible price.

With Trixy you can ski down difficult and steep slopes with short turns - controlled swerve from the rear - and you are very agile when the forest gets tight.
Yet Trixy is also ideal for carving on hard slopes and at high speeds. The MX-style footpegs fold back and up when you lean heavily and the new, wide ski adapters allow you to apply more pressure to the edge.
This ski bike gives you the feeling of being “in the frame” more than ever. It is suitable for a body height of 155 to 195 cm.

It is good to know that all materials for this ski bike are available separately from Wintersport4All.

Why the Trixy 2.0?

  • By adjusting this geometry, lowering the position of the footrests, The Skibike can also be used for " Stand-up riding ".
  • Stand-up riding provides more comfort but also a more direct ability to carve, steer and maintain grip on all snow/piste conditions.
  • The highly appreciated click system for the skis has been made simpler.
  • Due to an adjusted geometry, the handlebars are further away from you, which ensures more weight distribution over the ski bike, but also simplifies making 360's with the handlebars.
  • The model contains a heavier spring which ensures even closer precision adjustment and can absorb even heavier impacts during rough rides.
  • The rear damper can now be moved to 9 positions for the ideal adjustment.
  • New folding footrests have been added.

Both an alternative and a new challenge for winter sports

Because this model is made so comfortable, it is also the perfect model for winter sports enthusiasts who no longer have good mobility, have an injury, suffer from joints and knees during winter sports, the elderly, novice winter sports enthusiasts and so on. Two pedals can be mounted on the side, so you don't need foot skis. If you want this, you can order these foot skis separately.

We recommend using foot skis for quiet and conservative winter sports. For the adventurer we recommend not to use foot skies, test the model through jumps, tricks and sharp carving turns.

The technical specifications of the bike:

  • 6060 T6 alloy frame available in one size only
  • Motocross foot rests forged of 7005 Aluminum
  • Short Sledgehammer stem with 50 mm
  • all bearings are water-tight roller bearings
  • Twin Tip Flat Rocker wood core Ski with 160mm width and 990mm length
  • rear shock DNM Burner RCP 2 adj. rebound and compression
  • 135-182mm travel at the rear (depending on mounting points)
  • 160mm air suspension fork with adjustable rebound
  • Rise handle bar 100 mm width 780 mm
  • foot rest height 233mm
  • Bike saddle from Velo / adjustable height
  • total height 1060 - 1100 (depending on spacer used under stem)
  • total length 2017mm (1200 without skis)


Color: Black with blue
Weight: 8,3kg
Dimensions: Seat height 72 cm - Single ski: 99 cm
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