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Mono Skiing is back. The Snowgunz Monoski's Easy Start series are aimed at beginners and experienced mono skiers. Monoski is a good alternative for winter athletes using nowadays a skwal or telemarks.

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Snowgunz Easy Ski Monoski serie

In the ´70/80 invented - the monoski, skwal, telemark skis, split skis ..
Nowadays you see them less on the track as before but the monoski is back!
Twice a year in France a monoski weekend is organized.

On-piste, Carven en Freeride

Previously, the monoski was mainly used to ski in powder snow because at that moment wide skis were not on the market available. Carving and regular slopes was not seen as a direct opportunity. Easy ski monoski series of Snowgunz does have this option and are designed specifically for:

  • 70% on-piste
  • 30% Freeride
The conical shape of the boards ensures that the Board both on the slopes is easy to handle as the thicker or mushy snow on forest trails and shortcuts. Through this conical shape, you can also carve perfectly with  these monoskis!

Easy monoski types

Easy ski monoski series is aimed at the starting mono skier.
The monoskie is available in three types:

Model Age Length
Kids  7-9 149 cm
Teens 9-15 159 cm
Adult 15+ 169 cm

Snowgunz´s Easy Ski Monoski Featuers:

  • Conical shape (approximately 11m radius Adult / Kids approximately 9m)
  • 100% Full Woodcore
  • Sidewall ABS
  • High finish Sintered Base, 8k (Iso Sport)
  • CAP Construction
  • 4 layers of fibers (Quadraxes Fibers) for composition CAP structure
  • Phenol around bond strength and damping


The bindings for the monoski will be installed and set already before delivery.
To examine the bindings for you apply, we have made the following list just for you:

Monoski Easy Ski bindingen

Tuning information and ski boot distance (entraxe)

The monoski is delivered fully adjusted.
Information we need for this are your:

  • Weight in KG
  • Skiboot size
  • Current skiboot brand / model
  • Skiboot distance (entraxe) in cm

The skiboot distance or at Frans 'Entraxe' determines how close the shoes on the board to stand together. See below an image to determine this:

This 5mm is to ensure space for any expansion in power transmission in the shoe.
The entraxe word of the middle shaft, calculates the shoe.
Boards: Soft/Medium flex (Dual Hardness)
Length / Size: 149 / 159 / 169 cm

John Drews Posted on 5 December 2019 at 22:52

Great product and arrived within 2 weeks time at my address in Canada.
Good jb Nick!

Ted Kerkhof Posted on 23 September 2017 at 00:55

Alle grote sportzaken afgereden in midden nederland voor de aanschaf van een Monoski, en het enige wat je tehoren krijg als service "Dan moet u in Frankrijk wezen". Nou dan ben ik blij dat Frankrijk in Almere-Buiten ligt, want daar krijg ik een service die helemaal van deze tijd is men reageerd zelf op zondagavond telefonisch op een verstuurde email en men komt de afspraken snel en correct na. En binnen 10 dagen alles geleverd inclusief gemonteerde bindingen. In een woord klasse en een dikke pluim voor deze internet winkel met persoonlijke aandacht.

Ronald Spierenburg Posted on 20 September 2017 at 21:53

Hallo, de Monoski is erg naar mijn zin. Ik heb mijn oude ski vervangen na 10 jaar en deze voldoet helemaal aan mijn wensen!

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