Snowmoto - Metal Worx Advance Wide

Snowmoto - Metal Worx
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The Snow Moto MetalWorx snow bike models are a combination between the skibike , snow biking and snowscoot .

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Snow Moto Metalworx - Advance Wide

The Snow Moto is a Japanese brand and means "snow bike / snow bike".
Snow Moto's characterized by the user. Be the Snow Moto Metalworx models include use as snowsocot but passively, by using the saddle.

The model says it all, the Advanced Wide, features extra wide boards which makes the use and handling very easy. The model is designed for the novice snow bikes and snow scooters. You can make great first experience with it do in the form of braking, cornering, carving, tricks, jumps etc.

The Snow Moto Advance Wide features soft-medium flex boards. These are perfect for the first use and in combination with the lightweight frame is the inclusion of the snow motorbike in elevators no problem.

The boards are made of poplar (wood core) and bamboo makes you good flex boards. The boards are 22-24cm wide and 83cm long. The boards have an ABS Sidewall and constructed from a sandwich construction. The boards are finished with P-Tex 4000.

Technical specifications:

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Boards Dimension: 240mm / 220mm width - 830mm in length
  • Flex: Soft-medium flex
  • Finish: ABS Sidewall with P-TEX 4000 sintered base
  • UV Topsheet
  • Box size: L960mm B280mm · · H810mm

Casper W Posted on 27 February 2016 at 11:14

Perfect product want het is een combinatie van een snow scoot en ski bike. Het zitje van de metalworx kun je prima gebruiken om even op uit te rusten. De kwaliteit is ook een stuk beter dan verwacht, echt sterk materiaal!

Ik ga er veel plezier aan beleven!

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