Skibike & Snowbike

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A cheaper version of the skibike Racer II variant of Sledgehammer. Inexpensive Alternative for the Brenter Skibike and Brenter Snow Bike!
The Skiing, an alternative to skiing and snowboarding. Or for those who can not ski right now but want to enjoy the winter sports! Others will be snowbike, skibob and skifi for Skibike.
The Snow Moto MetalWorx snow bike models are a combination between the skibike , snow biking and snowscoot .
A Skibob is the race model under the skibikes and snow bikes. Because this is closer to the ground, it is a model ideally suited for higher speeds. In this model you should use footskies.
Sno-go Snowbike known from kickstarter. The model where everyone can go down the mountain. You are stable on two skis on the back piece of the Snowbike Snogo.
€1.799,00 €1.699,00
Ski Bike, also known as Snow Bike is a fun alternative to skiing. It is a winter alternative for seniors, inexperienced, unskilled, disabled or injured skiers. In addition, the Skibike and Snowbike applicable for all levels of skiers.
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